Politics & Religion – I’m going there

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There is an unspoken rule that authors should steer away from any discussion regarding religion or politics because it could offend potential fans. Well, okay, it’s not an unspoken rule, actually, there are a lot of advice blogs insisting on this advice.

But today, I’m going to break this rule. Because after holding in every opinion for years, it has to come out and today is the day I’m going to do it. I am prepared for the nasty comments, though there shouldn’t be any. I am a human with an opinion and why can’t I share my views too? Right? Well it doesn’t always work out that way.

See my real issue is with my fellow Americans. We are a diverse bunch and with the exception of pure blooded Native Americans, our heritage comes from every corner of the planet. (Yes, I know, it’s round. There are no corners.)…

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