Now Available for Pre-Order!


After an extra month in edits, Running out of Time is finally done and available for Pre-Order!

Book Description:

A cosmic event has brought death and destruction to planet earth. The landscape has changed. Only a small portion of the human race has survived and now they face a new threat.

Before Dr. Mark Stone retired from the Center for Disease Control, his final assignment was to move all samples of viruses and bacteria to a top secret facility in Nashville, TN—a facility strictly off the books to avoid terrorists from stealing potentially deadly diseases. The building was secured, but no one could have foretold of the massive earthquakes, floods, meteors, and tornadoes that rip the planet apart. The vials are broken, mixing and leaking into the heart of Nashville, infecting what few survivors exist.  Now that the bacteria have bonded and mutated, they are face with real life zombies.

The CDC calls on one of the few surviving men with the knowledge to help them treat and contain the situation but Mark has problems of his own.

Can he get his nanotech up and running before the human race is finally erased from the planet, or will he run out of time?


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