#Amazon Listens to its Authors?

Yes, yes they do!  In my last post, Clash of the Titans: Amazon v. Hatchett, I talked a LOT about a lot of things. But to shorten this up for you – I said Amazon could sweeten the deal.  I talked about how Amazon wanted to involve us (the little guy) in their battle against Hatchett but offers the big publishing houses features we don’t have, such as the pre-order button.

Guess what? Four days later (tonight) I get a letter from Amazon. Guess what I now have at my disposal? A PRE-ORDER BUTTON! That’s right – Amazon listened. Someone there is paying attention. This might be why Amazon has become as large and successful as they are. Someone there is paying attention and listening to their content providers.

Don’t misunderstand. It’s not just because Kim Mullican said this – other authors were blogging something similar. It made a difference.



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