Revolution Machine, Chapter 1

Sounds like a book, right? How could an author not love this title for the first installment from this Rockband located in “The Region.” For those outside my geographical area, “The Region” is Chicago and all surrounding areas, including Northwest Indiana.

Revolution Machine Cover

Do you love rock-n-roll? You know, the way it used to be with heavy hitting riffs and lyrics you could sing? Do you like to understand the dude singing? Then THIS is the rock for you!

How three dudes sound like a 5-piece band, I’ll never figure out. But the sound is full. I’ve seen them jam live and they achieve this sound without the technology of the studio. Mark my words – these guys are going to be everywhere soon. I’ve caught word there might even be a European tour in their future! INSIDER KNOWLEDGE! YEEEHAWWW.


You can hear the influences of Iron Maiden, Dio, Led Zeppelin, and Alice in Chains. But who would I be if I expected you to take my word for it? Go see for yourself.  Here’s where you can find them.


Facebook – Come on…give ’em a like!





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