How many hats can one girl wear?

Oh boy! I haven’t blogged here since February? Eegads. I’m fired.

As I’ve said before, I do write under another name as well and it’s taking up a bunch of my time… like all of it.  So here’s what’s going on:

All 3 Dirty White Candy books (me as Anita Cox) have now been released by the publisher. I’ve been marketing my ass off, pushing those books (and neglecting my other work.)

I host the Erotic Author’s Panel once a month. It’s a town-hall type meeting where fans can chat live their favorite erotica authors.  We utilized the Google Hangout platform but it… sort of sucks. So we’re moving to AnyMeeting to see if that works better.

I’ve been given the title of Director over at the Erotic Author’s Guild. So now, I’m over there blogging and helping other authors because my altruistic nature DOESN’T KNOW WHEN TO QUIT.

Also, I’ve joined up with a few other authors for marketing events.

Oh yeah, and I did a book tour. Money – not – well spent.

Marketing in the new paradigm is like a giant hemorrhoid.  It’s hard to stick out with so many authors/books available. It’s probably my least favorite part of the job, next to editing. No one likes a salesman. No one. No one likes a pest who plasters buy links to their books all over every social media platform either.

All I want to do is just…write.  Yep, that’s it. I just want to write. I need a house elf to do the rest. For free, or food.

On a positive note, I started writing again. I’m 9k words into the next novel. I would be farther but…see above.


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