How your Facebook activity can kill your friendships

I’m tempted to cut and paste this blog as my status on Facecrack.

Due to the fact that I am an author and I constantly stay on top of social media, it is my business to know how things work.  Facebook’s newsfeed literally decides FOR YOU whose posts you see.  The more you “like” a post from a person, or fan page, the more of their stuff you’ll see.  The less interaction, the less those people/pages show up.

There’s a “game” on Facebook, and I’ve seen it before.  But people post something outrageous or absurd such as, “I just won $7k on a scratch off,” or “I just used my boobs to get out of a ticket.”  If you click “like” then your FB friend emails you something ridiculous you have to say as part of the game. Anyone who “likes” your post, you’re to inflict the same asshattery onto them.

One email said I was to post, “I cheated on my spouse.” W.T.F.??? That’s not F%^king funny at all.  And if you are my friend, why would you want me to post something so hurtful and disrespectful to my husband?  I don’t think I need to go into why this is damaging.

But what this sort of activity does, is make your friends leery to “like” your statuses.  So the less they click, the less of you they see.  Before you know it, you’re wondering why your buddy isn’t communicating with you anymore.  Why? Because you acted like an asshat. Because, you wasted their time and quite possibly offended them.

Very little offends me. The C WORD does not offend me. Nudity, vulgarity….nope, not offended. Telling me to post that I ripped out my husband’s heart and cheated on him??? That makes you NOT my friend. It makes you an asshat.

asshat-22713Don’t be an asshat. Don’t play games. There’s tons of apps for games and endless irritable notifications on those. There are jokes to post that are actually funny.  Infidelity… not so funny.


4 thoughts on “How your Facebook activity can kill your friendships

  1. You are very smart. This is spot on. I always thought “asshat” was my word. I’m glad to see I’m not the only one that uses it…Cheers!

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