Make a difference! Stop the slaughter in Japan.

I am sickened and saddened by the senseless slaughter of the bottlenose dolphins in Japan.  If you haven’t seen the coverage, you can get a glimpse here:

Dolphins are not fish, they’re mammals. They demonstrate empathy, rescue humans, are family oriented and dare I say majestic as well.  I’m reaching out to all of you to make a stand.  Here are ways to stop this disgusting behavior.

First, there’s a petition on the White House’s website to get the president involved. Go sign it. It only takes a second to set up an account and sign.

Next, write your big box stores DEMANDING that they stop doing business with Japan until this violence ends.  Walmart, Target, KMart etc. Read labels and don’t buy ONE THING that comes from Japan.  



KMart:, @kmartdeals

Step up. Save Lives. DO SOMETHING.


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