Amazon Pulling Books & Obamacare Application

Two hot topics discussed in 6 short minutes!


3 thoughts on “Amazon Pulling Books & Obamacare Application

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  2. I started writing a comment and it turned into something long enough to be a blog post. I’m still fairly new to blogging so I’m not sure of the etiquette of posting links yet so if you like I can link to the blog post?

    To keep the comment short though I feel that this initially started because the book store WHSmith didn’t have enough moderation on their web page and didn’t have a section where they could separate children’s and adult’s books.

    As to the actual content? I’m aware of the difference between fantasy and reality. Thousands of people watch horror movies and don’t go and torture people. I’m sure someone can read a rape fantasy and not go out and rape people.

    The deletions shouldn’t be happening. Just ensure that the content is separated.

    • I agree. While I find some of those books disturbing… it’s more about the violation of Amazon’s Terms. I have two books I’m concerned about getting wiped out. They speak about rape, but it’s not for glory.

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