What do you think?

Sometimes, when we try new things, it can feel like a huge TIME SUCK.  Well, that’s sort of how my last week or so has gone.  I’m new to making videos so…excuse me while I take a shot of something strong.

I wasted 4 hours of my life, and probably did a little damage to my hard drive, downloading various types of video editing software.  I’ve created a theme and channel for my new Vlog.  Now that I’m crying less I know what I’m doing, I can work a bit more on context.

I’ve discovered a few things along the way.

A) It’s really weird to make eye contact with a camera.

B) I close my eyes a lot.

C) I say “um” way more than is acceptable.

D) I’m easily distracted (but we knew this already.)  Look! Squirrel!

So here are my 3rd and 4th videos.  You’ll notice a bit of a difference between the two.  The 4th video had a bunch of GARBAGE cut from it.  And, I now have an intro.  Let me know what you think!

The third installment:

The fourth installment – new format: 


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