WTF Moment 253

One rule to writing fiction is the antagonist / protagonist relationship.  We keep tormenting our protagonist with our antagonist until we think the main character will snap, then they either overcome or fail.  We writers do dark and twisted things to our characters.  But I must tell you, life is stranger than fiction.

I don’t watch the VMAs, mostly because they don’t celebrate anything I consider to be music.  Hey, I just saw Black Sabbath live.  But I saw all the hum about Miley Cyrus online, so I decided to pull it up and see for myself what everyone was losing their mind over.

For the love of… WTF was that?  It was worse than a train wreck.  Parts of her performance seemed like it was geared to be an infomercial for pedophiles.  As a mother, I can only assume that Billy Ray is now on the maximum dose of Xanax allowed, scratching his head, wondering where he went wrong.

There are so many factors to this eye bleeding performance that just disturb me… My first question, did she go to the dentist and get over-novocained?  The girl’s tongue was out of her mouth more than it was in… and the crotch grabs???  The two-sizes too small rubber panties can be chalked up as wardrobe malfunction but this girl bent over and sang into a large woman’s derrière.miley-cyrus-2013-vma-tongue-out-1024x573

At this point, I was just flat out confused, so I began looking for a spoon to dig out my eyes.


I only watched for a few moments more as this poor misguided child cavorted around in her “teddy” costume, dancing with women wearing enormous bears on their backs.  Miley grinding on Alan, her foam finger and when that wasn’t good enough, she sexually assaulted one of the band members.  Okay, that might be pushing it, but you get my drift.CS46651666NEW-YORK-NY-AUG-2223063

Dammit!  I know really talented musicians who are struggling to make it and THIS is what people are paying to see?miley

It’s not that I’ve never seen a woman act this way before, but they’re usually drunk at a club trying to get laid.

Then, my heart stopped.  I have a sixteen year old daughter… and all I wanted to do was force her to watch it and pray it disturbed her just as much.  I wanted to tell her that her body and her sexuality were something to be cherished, not paraded around like a side show.  I wanted to tell her that her Daddy loves her and she doesn’t need that sort of attention.  I wanted to warn her about the sanctity of her reputation.

Much to my pleasure relief, she watched it and said, “Oh my God, what mess.”

The internet is full of stories every day that make my heart jump.  We have everything from wars starting to Ben Affleck as our next Superman.  But this… this is what’s disturbed me the most.  Maybe it’s because I’m a mother of a teen, the wife to a musician or hell, just because I’m a woman.  But this pattern of behavior has been repeated over and over again.  I make the bold prediction that she winds up in rehab, totally distraught that her attempts at shocking the world were successful.

I’m finding it difficult not to lose my faith in humanity.


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