Raising Awareness

Author Kim Mullican

If you’ve read my books, you may have noticed a common theme.  I’m not referring to the demented serial killers I tend to create.  No, I seem to add a common theme that until now, I had not noticed.


It wasn’t until recently the I realized how much abuse I add in my novels.  Women and children suffer in my books as they often do in real life.  Abuse is very common and it scars deeply…sometimes the scars go unseen because sometimes they’re emotional.

While I had terrific parents who did everything in their power to protect me, I fell victim to abuse as a young teen.  Later in life, I would marry an abusive prick who would change me forever.

I didn’t realize that after all these years, I’m still writing about these issues because like a tattoo, my scars are with me forever.  I’m currently in a…

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