Raising Awareness

If you’ve read my books, you may have noticed a common theme.  I’m not referring to the demented serial killers I tend to create.  No, I seem to add a common theme that until now, I had not noticed.


It wasn’t until recently the I realized how much abuse I add in my novels.  Women and children suffer in my books as they often do in real life.  Abuse is very common and it scars deeply…sometimes the scars go unseen because sometimes they’re emotional.

While I had terrific parents who did everything in their power to protect me, I fell victim to abuse as a young teen.  Later in life, I would marry an abusive prick who would change me forever.

I didn’t realize that after all these years, I’m still writing about these issues because like a tattoo, my scars are with me forever.  I’m currently in a custody battle for my children.  It has gotten so involved and so nasty that Child Services has stepped in.  I signed a stupid confidentiality agreement so I can’t say much more than that (have to protect the EX you know….)  But thankfully, it’s all about to be over and hopefully, there is some justice in this world and I can give my kids a happy remainder of what’s left of their childhood.  If not, I will die trying.

Part of the services that CPS put in place was a therapist to help me deal with my scars…the ones no one will ever see.  She’s a very neat lady and just when I think that I have nothing to talk about anymore, 90 minutes has past and I’ve been flapping at the gums.  In talking to her, I’ve realized that I haven’t healed as much as I thought I had.  And this is more than likely why I write strong female main characters that have overcome horrendous circumstances.  Yoder’s Farm contained so much abuse that it’s become a bit controversial (Yes, I made the Amish the bad guys…sue me.)

But because this is an important issue to me and too many others, I’ve sat and thought about how I can give back.  How can I, one broken woman, make a difference?  This is how…

From now, until the end of May, I’m selling autographed copies of my books on my personal webpage (WordPress doesn’t allow me to monetize this page.)  So if you go to my Author Home Page, and buy my books using the Paypal Link provided, I will donate the profits to Children of Domestic Violence (You can learn more about the organization by visiting http://cdv.org/)

At the end of May, I will total and post what we were able to raise for this cause.  Thank you for helping me raise money and awareness.


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