Winners Announced

The Hearts on Fire Giveaway results are in.  The winners of my books are as follows:

Lynne Blevins

Cassandra Hicks

Dee Thomas

Amber Hall

Emails have been sent to you, so be sure to check your spam folder.

The main giveaway results are:

GRAND PRIZE: Kindle Paperwhite and Black Swan COLLECTED TALES

Melissa William Brown
Celina Lundin Kuemper

20 winners of COLLECTED TALES

1. Dawn Dow
2. Shayna Snyder
3. Sammyandscottie Dinham
4. Ana Smith
5. Aprille Shadowspeak
6. Ana @ BeachbumReads
7. Kathy Neibel Scott
8. Nightstand Novels
9. Ashley Anne
10. Annah Schoonover
11. Belinda Green
12. Deanna Stacy
13. Belinda Brown Payne
14. Jennifer Mclean
15. Marlena Fein
16. Heather Baker Schrock
17. Leslie Miner
18. Bonnie Hilligoss
19. Kary Jones-Thornburg
20. Yadari Alonzo

Giftcard: Himitsume Ramsay


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