Building Community (one blue face at a time)

When I started down this path of writing, I never imagined there was a huge, close nit community nestled deep inside.  It started when I joined a writing group.  Everyone was supportive, it shocked me.

Then, as I began joining Twitter and trying to “build my platform,” I ran across a link to probably the most helpful lady on the face of the planet, Kristen Lamb.  I called her my guru once – she nearly vomited.  But the woman is a social media expert and for me, at least, she unlocked the mystery of social media.  I learned how to stop committing the atrocity of spamming, how to properly build relationships and network and a whole host of other goodies.

As it happens, she did write a book, WE ARE NOT ALONE (WANA) a social media guide of sorts.  She posts all of her advice free on her blog as well.  Yep, I said free.

Back to the point, she’s built an entire community of writers.  They hang out on #MYWANA on Twitter.  You can find them cheering each other on, giving advice, a word of encouragement or sometimes, just making each other laugh.  It is an online community.

As a mother of two children, two step-children, a wife, an author, mommy to two dogs and a fat cat and not to mention an author and business owner, I can tell you that it’s exhausting.  Today on Kristen’s blog she posted about a rude comment to a post on facebook.  Actually, her blog was about guilt trips.  But some douchy-McDoucherton tried to make her feel bad about getting a haircut.  Yes, that’s right, she’s supposed to feel bad about being so busy she nearly forgot about a hair appointment.

Now, I’m a bit feisty.  So when I saw the comment on her post, I typed a *strongly worded* comment.  I did think better of it and decided that the gun toting Southern woman could probably handle it herself.  Well, here’s what I had tosay:

kims comment

As you can see, this is how I deal with my anger, much in the same way I used to deal with stress about giving public speeches.

Picture something funny and voila, mood changes.

As part of the community, I let her know I (as did the 70 some other people who commented) had her back and offered support.  The guy was just a total asshat for trying to make her feel bad.  I might mention he’s also her competition, but whatever.

Your comments matter people.  As  a blogger, you know how important a comment can be.  It validates that your article has been read.  It engages the reader, and their readers.  It also adds to the sense of community, because after all a community gives and takes.

Ms. Lamb read my comment.  Generally, when writing a novel, I try to move the reader and get their pulse up.  Who is the killer? Where is said killer?  Will they be caught? Will person A fall in love with person B? and so on.  When I communicate with folks, my goal is generally to try to bring a smile to their face.  I post inappropriate jokes on my facebook page all the time.  Why?  Because I can, and because I like potty humor and it’s MY PAGE.

I digress.  I’ll simply show you her response.

I can still totally see her with a blue face and a sword!

I can still totally see her with a blue face and a sword!

By “you guys” she means the WANA community, because again, it stands for WE ARE NOT ALONE!

I recommend the book.  I’ve read it at least three times.  I also recommend joining the WANA community and following her blog.  She’s a huge Star Wars nut, plays video games, shoots big a$$ guns and takes care of her community. (She often makes me laugh as well.  Who couldn’t use more laughter?)

I know I’ve been a bad little blogger lately and some of you have probably been wondering where the hell I went.  One Acronym:  NANOWRIMO.  ‘Nuf said.

So buy her book.  Interact with people.  Tell them what you do but for the love of all that is holy – DO NOT SPAM. I’m not much of a cheerleader, but for this one, I’ll put on a little skirt and shake some pom poms


4 thoughts on “Building Community (one blue face at a time)

  1. Great blog Kim. Community is so important. I think a lot of us read and forget to leave electronic footprints behind. You are a great role model in that regard.

    Have a wonderful day!

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