Book Review & Author Interview with Author Anita Cox

After reading 50 Shades of Garbage, I decided to seek out a good adult novel.  I’d never really been into reading mommy porn, but I could see the lure 50 Shades had on folks.

While perusing through what was available and downloading several freebies, I ran across new author Anita Cox.  Her name caught my eye and made me laugh.

Candy had only ever been with her husband, and the sex was lousy.  So when he divorces her, she finds herself sexually repressed, and horribly uneducated in the matter.  She goes on a journey of self discovery and a sex education like nothing I’ve ever seen before.  I found Ms. Cox to be quite the writer, keeping me interested, entertained and sometimes amused.  This is not delicate erotica.  She uses vulgar terms and the book contains very explicit sex scenes.  Overall, I gave the book 4 out of 5 stars.

Anita’s book DIRTY WHITE CANDY was her debut in the genre.  So I contacted Ms. Cox and she cheerfully agreed to grant me an interview.  Please help me in welcoming Anita.

Author Anita Cox:  Thank you for having me Kim.  It’s a pleasure.

Kim:  The pleasure is all mine.  So tell my readers a bit more about you.

Anita:  I’ve been writing crime fiction and paranormal romance under my given name for years.  Like you, I read the 50 Shades trilogy and was greatly disappointed.  So I dipped my toes into writing the Erotica genre.  I just thought I could write a story where the character actually grew.  I mean, come on… one does not go from being a virgin to shoving stuff up their ass and still can’t call the male genitalia anything more than “his sex.”  Call it something interesting if the usual makes you queasy.  I’m still thrown that Random House put that shit out there without running it through some heavy editing.

Kim:  So how did you go about writing erotica for the first time?

Anita:  Well I had to do some research first.  😉

Kim: Do tell.

Anita:  You have a dirty mind Ms. Mullican.  I like you!  Seriously, I read through a lot of erotica novels, some shit, some gems and decided what I liked.  There are varying degrees of erotica.  It’s very difficult to please everyone.  Some like very vulgar terms, others like a softer approach, like comparing the female genitalia to a flower.  I’m sorry, I have a vagina and the damn things don’t look like a flower.  They look more like an angry clam… but we don’t really want to be compared to sea food either.

Kim:  Talk to us about your pen name.  Why did you use one and how did you come up with it?

Anita:  Well, as I said, I’ve established my brand as a crime fiction author for the most part.  Some folks are very put off by anything pornographically related.  I didn’t want to thin my normal fan base so I had to get a pen name, which meant starting all over again.  It took me a long time to think about the name, but then I enlisted the help of my husband, and fellow sexual deviant.  I sent him a text message at work telling him I needed help coming up with a pen name.  I have to say, I spent the entire day in uncontrollable laughter with each text I received.  When the last text came in, it was only one name:  Anita Cox.  That was all she wrote.  Of course he’s convinced I Need His Cox 24/7.

Kim:  I loved Candy in your story.  She was very relatable.  Her inner monologue had me in stitches in parts.  The plot moved at a good pace and there was discernible character growth.  Why don’t you give my readers your book blurb and where they can find you and your book.

Anita:  WARNING: For audiences 18 and up for graphic sex and language. May be offensive to some.

Recovering from a divorce from the only man she ever made love to, Candy Kavana finds herself longing for something and that something is sex. Horribly repressed, painfully shy and sexually uneducated, she turns to her best friend Stacy for advice.

Candy nervously dives into sex therapy and discovers what mind blowing sex is all about. Now that she’s had a little taste, she can’t get enough. She craves more, but how far is she willing to go?

Kim:  As I understand it, DIRTY WHITE CANDY – THE BEGINNING is book one of a series.

Anita:  Yes, DIRTY WHITE CANDY – ULTIMATE VACATION (working title) should be released after the New Year.

Kim:  Thank you for your time Anita.  I really enjoyed your book.  Where can others buy it?

Anita:  Thank you for having me and helping me re-launch my new brand.  DIRTY WHITE CANDY can be found on AmazonBarnes & Noble:  Smashwords

You can find my blog (remember, I am just rebuilding here.)

Stay tuned for my review of SEMPER FI by Laura Cooper.  You don’t want to miss it!


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