I’ve been doing this since 2006?

In 2006, I got divorced.  People tend to think since I divorced a lawyer I got a huge settlement. WRONG.  I was given two rental properties.  One was infested with black mold and the other was so destroyed by the main floor tenants, it needed to be condemned.  I repaired the one with black mold and sold it immediately.  It was in a bad neighborhood and I had no desire to be a slum lord.

The other, I moved into, gutted and refinished.  That took all of three months.  My post-divorce insomnia lasted 2 years.  That left me with a lot of awake time.  After renovations were complete, I got sick and tired of rolling around in bed wide awake and started writing.  That was when I wrote my first novel.  I was new and foolish and I published it via vanity press.

Man have I learned a lot since then!  Let’s see what has happened.

1. I did research and learned a lot.

2. I got my ass handed to me by the Query Shark.

3. I went through the submission process and learned that the submission process blows ass.

4. I joined several writing groups, all of which have died, but still I march on.

5.  I’ve met nearly 70 other writers who quit after the query/submission stage.

6. I learned how to publish, how to convert to Kindle and Nook formats.

7.  I learned how to do cover art.

8. I started blogging.

9. I started paying attention to people like Joe Konrath, Kristen Lamb and others who have been successful and give advice freely.  (They sell some too, but mostly they serve the writing community freely.)

10. I learned that the writing community is very altruistic.

11.  I’ve met and chatted with authors who are still plugging away, and some are even having success.

12.  I’ve done interviews, have been a guest speaker and taught a few classes.

13. I’ve received 5 star reviews from total strangers who purchased my books.

I’ve written seven novels since then.  Four I published, two I scrapped and one is currently in the editing process.  I now write under two names and my checks from Amazon are growing.

I write this blog not for bragging rights.  I’m still not making a living at this, just some extra pocket cash.  But I’m adding zeros with each deposit from Amazon.  This has been written so new writers can see how far you can come.  It has been written so I can see how far I’ve come, because it’s easy to forget.  If one writer sees this and feels empowered, I have done my job.

Wow – 6 years almost 7… Nice.


3 thoughts on “I’ve been doing this since 2006?

  1. Congrats! I really like this post because it inspires me to keep going. For many years I didn’t write. I did not have the support from my family or myself (yeah, I thought I can’t do it, why try?). Of course, after meeting a few good writers and a little push in the right direction things are coming along. Thank you for offering your advice so freely.

    • I’m sorry to hear about your support structure. I’m fortunate enough to have a husband and parents that cheer me on.

      It’s good you found a circle of writerly friends. It will never stop amazing me how truly wonderful the writing community is to each other. I think the rest of the world can take a lesson. We are all competition, yet we support each other anyway and we do so willingly.

      Keep writing!

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