Hair Raising in my home!

I’ve been a bad little blogger lately.  My husband and I are working to open up a new business on top of the million other things going on. So I have not been home much to blog, let alone do much else.

Creepy things have been happening in our home for years.  We try to ignore it, we try to explain it away, but at some point, you must face the truth.

Now a decade ago had you spoken about your house being haunted, people would have looked at you funny and sniffed your drink.  But thanks to shows like Ghost Hunters, people are a bit more open.  It is, after all, difficult to deny scientific evidence.  So, we contacted the a paranormal investigation team to visit our home.  Then we waited for them to present their evidence.

Half of me couldn’t wait to see it, so I knew I wasn’t crazy.  The other half wanted them to keep their damned evidence to themselves.

Here it is, for anyone who wants to listen to what goes on inside our home:  Click HERE to view the video.  You’ll need to turn your sound up.

We knew, and they told us, that an investigation could actually kick up more activity.  I’m sad to report that possibility has been true for us.  Last night was irritating and exhausting to say the least.

I stayed up until nearly 1 a.m. writing, because that’s when I seem to get the most word count and really great stuff.  I think it’s the lack of distractions.  Anyway, I started turning lights off and headed to bed when I got that eerie feeling.  I tried to ignore it, brushed my teeth then climbed in bed next to my husband.

Then the voices, poking, comforter pulling, and messing with the fan started.  I ran out of excuses, cocooned myself in the blankets and tried to ignore it.  I tried and failed.  My heart was pounding and I held my breath every time I felt the blankets move.  I scooted against my husband so that at least my back side couldn’t be touched by anything but him.  It was about 3:30 in the morning when it either stopped, or I’d passed out from an adrenaline overload.

This is the first time that whatever or whomever is here has never gone to this extreme.  We’ve seen and heard them, but touching, poking and EFFING with me for hours has never happened.

So, dear readers, please forgive my absence.  I’m still here, still alive, still writing and eventually I will return to blogging and reading the blogs of my wonderful writerly friends.  Until then, I’m off to purchase more bibles or something.


5 thoughts on “Hair Raising in my home!

    • Thanks Angela. We’ve had the house blessed and this weekend, while we’re all here, we are going to “take our house back.” Nothing has ever hurt us and the reason this scares people is because we can’t see what’s there. It’s the same reason people have a fear of the dark.

      We’ve had the house blessed already, it didn’t seem to help.

      But the house is up for sale. Pretty much don’t want to be here any longer. It’s too small for us anyway.

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