My New Pride & Joy

I did it!  I’m always amazed when a project comes to conclusion.  After months of plotting, writing, editing, receiving critiques and edits back, toiling over cover art, Yoder’s Farm is finally live!

My New Baby


When an Amish community is targeted by a murderer, they have no choice but to go against tradition and call for help.  The Amish are less than thrilled with the FBI sends agents Lizbeth Dawson and Matt Silva to solve the case.

The agents arrive to find no evidence, a less than cooperative community and a lack of women’s rights that sends Liz reeling.

Frustrated by the Amish and their secrecy, the agents are thrilled when a woman, Sarah, who escaped the Amish way of life, comes to their aide.  Sarah arrives with more information than the agents can handle as they discover a circle of violence that shocks the seasoned agents.

When long held secrets are revealed, the motive is discovered, an entire community is at risk, and so are the agents.  The only question remains if they will capture the killer, or if the killer will outsmart them.

Now Available in Kindle, Nook, Paperback




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