Taping Windows

My English Mastiff and my American Bulldog are jumpy.  The cat is hiding in the basement.  The neighbors have bags under their bloodshot eyes.  Why? The Pyrotechnics Guild International is hosting it’s annual Fire in the Sky here in my hometown this week.  The show, so far, blows away our annual fireworks show for Independence Day.   They have fireworks I’ve never seen before and explosions that are by far the loudest I’ve ever heard.

However, I live only a few short blocks from the fairgrounds where said explosions are taking place.  The percussion is literally shaking my house.   My heart breaks for those poor people who live across the street from the fairgrounds.  Yikes!

Now, I wish I could describe for you how loud the mortars are.  If you could imagine a fireworks finale that went on for about 30-40 minutes with only about 20 minute breaks in between from 1 p.m. until 1 a.m. daily, you might have a good idea what’s happening by my house.

While those of us that live close have suffered somewhat (especially since this is the first week of school) I do not want to complain.  I live in a small once prosperous town that has really felt the economic downturn.  Sunday, they had 5,000 people pay $15 to get in.  That’s $75,000 in revenue, not to mention the $5 per car for parking, $10 per car for preferred parking.  The vendors all need lodging and sustenance.  That’s money going into our community.  So, I won’t complain.

I recall watching several newscasts where people were taping their windows to ensure they would not break, or at least that glass wouldn’t fly everywhere.  I’m contemplating doing that now.  The house shakes with each big BOOM.


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