New Release – Yoder’s Farm

I happy to say that after a lot of hard work, many hours of editing and several dozen cans of coffee…

Yoder’s Farm is about to be released!

 I’m very thankful to  my new beta beader, Kim Frink.  She is looking for more Beta Reading / Pre-reading and editing work.  So if you need someone, please let me know.  I am happy to make an introduction.

My fellow writers know how important it is to get your work finalized and available for purchase.  It takes a long time to write, edit, format and then you get to stress and stew while you wait for edits and feedback from your beta readers.

I’m very proud of Yoder’s Farm and think it’s my best work to date.  It’s also my first piece of work with no paranormal aspect whatsoever.

I still need to perfect the formatting and the blurb on the back.  But here’s a little taste of the story:  FBI Agents Lizbeth Dawson and Matt Silva are called into a small Indiana Amish community to catch a killer evading local police. The agents find themselves knee deep in dead bodies, missing persons and a less than cooperative community.

The secrecy of the Amish presents a challenge to the FBI. Frustrated by the lack of information, physical evidence and cooperative witnesses, they are thrilled with a former Amish woman, Sarah, comes to their aide. Sarah arrives with more information that the agents can handle as they discover a circle of violence and child abuse in the Amish community.

Torn between capturing the killer and dividing families, Lizbeth and Matt are shocked at what they discover and must decide who they save. .. or something like that.  I’m still working on the description.


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