Survival of the luckiest!

I had plans.  Plans just to do “girls night out” on Friday, but the husband and I were invited to go camping and canoeing in Turkey Run State Park.  All we had to do was pack a bag and go.  So we went.

Despite the drought, the canoe trip was fun.


The park was beautiful.  We had planned on leaving that night, but were having so much fun, we all decided to stay another night.

Bad decision.  When I woke about 5 a.m., the camper we were staying in shook violently from side to side.  So hard, in fact, I swore the tires were lifting up.  I’m not sure I remembered to breathe as I fought to find some sort of light source other than the lighting.  The trees behind the camper were bent nearly in half.  We heard items hitting our camper and what I thought was hail, ended up being leaves from trees that were hitting with such force it sounded like rocks or hail.

This camper didn’t make it. The tree went through the roof.  

The area we were staying is not really a campground, but a sort of small community where campers, homes and trailers are all placed. The majority of the community is made up of firefighters.  Let me tell you, I’ve never seen people come together like they did there.  At sun-up, they were driving from house to house, trailer to trailer and camper to camper making sure everyone was okay.

Then the commenced in helping their neighbors, one at a time, to clear the downed trees and secured the area.  It was amazing.

We stayed and cleaned up a lot of trees before we could go home.  Telephone poles were snapped in half and transformers were demolished, leaving the area without power for quite awhile.

This is exactly what I thought was going to happen to us.

We had to wait anyway as a tree had fallen over the only road in and out of the community.

In the meantime, I am thankful that there were no injuries.  I am thankful that the damage happened 30 yards past us, instead of taking our camper into the lake.


I’m glad to be here, to have a chance to live my life.

The legacy I want to leave my children isn’t that mommy fought to get out of the trailer as a child just to die in one that was thrown into a lake!

So I’m putting my head down and getting back to work.  Tomorrow, I’m going to be introducing you to Joe Bruno, a man that knows a bit about survival.  So stay tuned!


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