Ye have little faith!

When the spouse and I made the decision for me to quit my 60 hour a week, thankless job and write full time, it wasn’t a decision we took lightly.  Not at all.  Since November, I’ve published one book and just finished the first draft of another.  That’s not the speed I wanted, but that’s where I am.

My dirty little secret is that I started cleaning houses to give me a little cash.  It’s slow going but a few more houses and I’ll be making a living.  But again, I don’t really see why this affects anyone else.

I’ve reached a point of frustration recently that I never saw coming.  What I do for a living now takes thick skin.  I have to keep faith in myself, my writing and my ability to market etc.  So when family calls to tell me that Home Depot is hiring cashiers, I want to scream.  First, I have a college education and a decent IQ.  I will not be a cashier, thank you very much.

There are support groups for insecure writers.  There are countless blogs about writers in disbelief that they’re actually getting somewhere.  It isn’t easy keeping yourself motivated on an average day.  But I find the strength to dig down deep and hold my head up high. I do believe in myself.  My wonderful husband believes in me and has taken all of the financial stress on himself so that I can do this.

If you are writing, publishing and selling books, you’re an AUTHOR.  It’s a thankless job.  It’s not a get-rich-quick lifestyle.  Even if you go the traditional route, your advance is between $5k-$15k especially as an unknown author.  But like any business, you must make an investment to reap the reward.

Home Depot can keep their cashier position.  I’m building a legacy here!

Tell me, Authors… how do you keep your head up?  What line did you draw in the sand to say, “Hey, I’ve made it!”?


6 thoughts on “Ye have little faith!

  1. I keep my head up by doing what I love. The day I declared myself a writer I hit success. The rest continues to be spectacular frosting. 😉 Great post!

  2. Hang in there Kim. It isn’t an easy road but you’ll find your way to where you belong. Great topic. I just started a series on my blog to let authors tell others how they stay motivated when things get tough. My guest posts start in two weeks.

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