Pimp and Promote Party!

Got ma’ pimp hat on!

Dropping by August McLaughlin’s page has brought me to the Pimp and Promote party.  To celebrate, YOU’RE INVITED, to pimp and promote your work, and the work of others.

Here are the rules:

1. PIMP: Share a link to a blog post, book or other venture you’re stoked about.

2. PROMOTE: Share a link to a pal’s post, book or other work you think ROCKS.

3. MINGLE: Have fun checking out others’ links, while the rest of the partygoers enjoy yours. Feel free to pop by later or over the next few days to catch links of the fashionably late. ;)

I’ll start by pimping THIS POST, and promoting one of my newest favorite authors CJ West.  CJ is a neat guy who is making it through this world as a writer full time.  I’m actually going to give you a double whammy and link you over to Jillian Dodd’s page where she’s convinced CJ to take it all off for the camera for her MANday post.  She’s still working on getting comments – when she reaches a lofty 5,000 comments, CJ’s going to give us a shirtless pose.  This has prompted some cheeky shenanigans over on Twitter.  I urge you all to comment and force CJ into this arrangement!

On a serious note, I’m in the middle of CJ’s book The End of Marking Time and so far, it’s pretty damned interesting!

So tell us what you’re working on – what you’re excited about – and tell us about someone else.  Mingle, chat, poke fun, flirt.  I’ll be over at the bar!


9 thoughts on “Pimp and Promote Party!

  1. Thanks Kim! Right now I’m excited about ThugBook, my new digital short about a social network gone wrong. http://www.amazon.com/Thugbook-ebook/dp/B0082HT3GU/?tag=22westbooks-20

    Lately I’ve read two indie authors I’m glad to promote. Susan Wingate, Spider Brains, YA, http://www.amazon.com/Spider-Brains-A-Love-Story/dp/0985183705/?tag=22westbooks-20

    And Tom Adair, Scent of Fear, Suspense http://www.amazon.com/The-Scent-Fear-Tom-Adair/dp/1469939835/?tag=22westbooks-20

    I’ve also discovered Nigel Blackwell’s great sense of humor. Find him at http://www.nigelblackwell.com/wp/

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