Technical Difficulties

My entire region came to a screeching halt as a fiber-optic line was cut.  Me, being a Verizon customer, was one of the lucky ones to maintain cell coverage.  911 was down, most people lost internet, no land-lines worked, credit card machines in the area were not functioning.  Essentially all commerce and communication halted in my area.

I have also had a terrible time lately.  A few months back, Windows Live completely shut down after a wonderful Microsoft update.  I was one of many who lost everything in their email accounts.  I couldn’t even get into the program.  I was 2 months past my warranty so my computer manufacturer would not help and Microsoft… don’t get me started.

So I uploaded Mozilla.  Behold, three days ago I lost all my email AGAIN!  The program still works, but my entire inbox was empty.  It wasn’t in the Trash Bin (other Trash was), my emails just disappeared.


My trial of Photoshop is about to expire.  I simply don’t have the huge chunk of money it takes to purchase the program either.  So… I’m sort of screwed there too.


My chin is up, but really, I have more productive things to do than to troubleshoot the electronics that seem to be malfunctioning around me.  I sort of feel like Will Smith in iRobot.  I know enough to keep me afloat, but I’m no computer whiz.

Enough of that.

Since I’m a glutton for punishment, so I’m going to learn how to make animated book covers.  I think they’re cool and it never hurts to be on the cutting edge of things.  Fingers crossed that nothing else malfunctions on my ass…


Amuse me

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