Deep Breath

I did it!  I received all edits back, made corrections and uploaded the files.  I was excited and proud.

Another book on the shelf.

But then… when my proof copy of the paperback came in, I nearly puked.  I uploaded the wrong file.  Not once, not twice but three times.  The Kindle file, the Nook file and the paperback file were – THE UNEDITED VERSIONS.  Much to my dismay, two copies of the eBooks were already sold.

Can I puke now?

I raced to take the eBooks off sale on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.  But then, (oh yes, it gets better) Comcast isn’t so Comcastic and my damned internet service went down.  Can you believe it?

An authors reputation is tenuous at best.  A beginning author can’t really afford to put unedited crap out there with their name on it.  It’s not that I’m big time and anyone really knows who the hell I am yet, but seriously. . . huge enormous faux pas.

The correct file has replaced the rough draft (yes, it was a rough draft that went out.)  😦

There are already a group of people posting on the Kindle Forums on how to avoid Indie Authors.  Some of their complaints are founded.  I’ve bought books from other Indies and wanted to scream.  They worked very hard on their book blurb and I was convinced to purchase.  I wished that they’d have spent a fraction of the time on the book as they did the description.

I’ve beta read numerous WIPs and recall the worst ever being an erotica that had to be written by a fourteen year old virgin.  It was so bad that people were moaning in extasy (yes, that’s how it was spelled through the whole novel) from having their belly kissed.  It was difficult for me not to instruct the writer to have sex before writing erotica.

But now, two people may have the same opinion of me.

So I took a deep breath.  There’s nothing to do now but continue writing and to learn my lesson.


4 thoughts on “Deep Breath

  1. Been there, done that and got the tee-shirt Kim! Don’t punish yourself – it’s so easily done! And everything looks so weird in the various previewing tools that they don’t really help much. If you unpublish & republish asap it’ll hardly be noticed and it won’t damage your reputation as a writer one iota. I find it helps to access the correct Word file just before publishing then jot down on a bit of paper the exact time it was last accessed, then when you search for the file to publish you can check that the times correspond, so it should be the right one. Anyway, good luck!

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