A huge mistake I pray I never make!

It should be no secret that writers love to read.  As a point in fact, it’s part of keeping your skills sharp.

So when I discovered that my favorite author ripped off a movie… I nearly puked.  Okay, maybe that’s a bit dramatic.  I find myself disappointed however.

One of my all-time-favorite authors is David Baldacci.  I love, love, love his books and have a hard cover of Divine Justice sitting right in front of me.  While stalking viewing his webpage I saw he released another book.  I have to tell you, reading the description, my heart sank because it matches, very closely I might add, The Professional, a movie from 1994.

I use google alerts and if Mr. Baldacci finds this post, I want to say that I’m sorry.  I do admire you very much.  I love your work… but this… How did your “people” not catch this?

Coming up with new ideas is a challenge.  This much I know, and I’ve only been doing this a fraction of the time that David Baldacci has.  With that being said, I pray I never do this.  I spotted it while reading the blurb from the back of the book almost immediately.  And how embarrassing for this wonderful author.

I could be wrong… click the links.  Decide for yourself.  If you like suspense, intrigue, crime fiction and the like, I encourage you to read his books.  If you read the King/Maxwell series, you get a touch of sexual tension / romance.  He’s a great writer and I do not wish to degrade him at all.  I recommend his books all the time.  This has just blown me totally away.


2 thoughts on “A huge mistake I pray I never make!

  1. I take your point, Kim, but then Shakespeare did it all the time, so I guess it’s okay. I suppose the thing is that Shakespeare took an old story and transformed it into something completely new and individual. I don’t know the writer you’re talking about but I suppose the test is whether he just slavishly regurgitates the original or makes something fresh out of it. But, on the whole I agree with you that original ideas observed from real life are more exciting and successful. You’ve provided some interesting food for thought, anyway!

  2. Thank you… I never understood why so many people dig Shakespeare, but I’m not a Stephen King fan either. Either way, I now will google all my book ideas to ensure I don’t do this. I’m sure his book is wonderful.

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