Marketing 101

The last 48 hours I’ve literally spent nearly every waking moment all my spare time on marketing.  Not only am I marketing my three books, I’m also marketing my small business.

Full disclosure:  I totally suck at marketing.  I’ve worked in sales and took tons of business classes for my bachelors degree, but still… marketing is changing.

So what have I done?  Well, for my small business, I needed to think locally.  I ran an advertisement in a publication (and did not receive one telephone call or email.)  I went old-school and printed up a flyer with pull tabs at the bottom.  BINGO.  The freaking grocery store… that’s where my customers are coming from.  Great, I can work with that.  Time to hit the other grocery stores.  The flyer is blank (I noticed today while buying some tonic water 😉  So tomorrow, I’ll be pinning up a brand new flyer.

For my books, I’ve made two trailers.  Granted, I am an amateur at best, but what the hell.  They’re getting hits, people are seeing them and I’ve noticed a small spike in book sales… mainly because I’ve put those damned trailers up everywhere I can think of.  My local paper refuses to run press releases, so I’m getting  a copy of my three books and mailing them to the paper.  If that doesn’t work, I’m going to take a naked photo of my best endowed female friend and send that in with three more books.  I considered a bomb threat, but jumpsuit orange isn’t in my color wheel.

I’ve considered giveaways, but I need to face the fact that funds are limited.  Since old school worked for my small business, I’m moving on with that theme for my books.  No, I’m not hopping off the net, quitting blogging and writing my manuscripts with pen and paper.  But as money becomes available, I’m going to order books and “autographed copy” stickers and throw myself out there for book signings.

I’m all up for advice.  What’s worked for you?  Any marketing campaigns been effective for you?  I’m all ears (and eyes, and fingers and toes…)


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