Once I finished Losing Control, and the cover art, I found myself diving into another book almost instantly.  This has never happened to me before.  Generally, I’m so exhausted and cross-eyed from the numerous edits, I don’t feel like writing for awhile.

Truthfully, I am waiting on final feedback on Losing Control before finally publishing it.  No one wants to publish garbage and I think it’s something that all serious writers face.  No matter how many top-starred reviews I receive, I always look for that validation.  I’m not sure what validation is – for me, at least.  Positive reviews have kept my fire burning, however.

Hell, there’s even a support group.  It’s true.  It’s for insecure writers.  My fellow writer/blogger Rusty Webb posts about it frequently.

I’ve also realized through another fellow writer, that it’s time to start thinking about me – my health I mean.  CJ West recently made a cheeky post about Man Boobs (yes, my dear daughter, I know they’re called “Moobs”,).  He’s getting poised to pose shirtless for another fellow blogger.  It’s launched him into a fitness routine

I’m 35 and it’s time I get back to it.  I used to be on the treadmill a minimum of an hour a day.  I spend so much time actually trying to earn money, to write, be a mother and take care of everyone else and my home, that I stopped taking care of myself.  Today I say no more.  Today, I’m back to putting my health first.  After all, things are wiggling and jiggling where I don’t want them to. . . you don’t have to be obese to make a dramatic change.

Anyone with me?


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