A Dedication

Last Wednesday was a devastating day for us in the Mullican house.  I’d received a phone call that my great-grandmother had passed away.  Our American Bulldog’s stitches were not healing and when my husband took her to the vet, we got the horrible news that she has cancer, and it’s pretty invasive.  My husband sat down and logged onto Facebook to catch up with a few friends only to receive a message that his uncle died.

We were ready to climb back into bed and hide.

Tara, our American Bulldog, is our daughter.  You may not agree, or understand, but our animals are our family.  So this news was just heartbreaking.

Ada Lee - All SmilesBut my grandmother, she was 96.  I should not be so upset.  She told me years ago, at a funeral none-the-less, that she was “ready for the good Lord to take (her) when he saw fit.”  She was a hellova lady at 4 foot nothing she was a force to be reckoned with.  She had 10 children, 27 grandchildren; 61 great-grandchildren and 25 great-great grandchildren.  She outlived two husbands.  Up until about a fifteen years ago, she still made baby blankets for almost each of us at birth.  I had mine until I was about 17 years old when my mother finally made me get rid of it.  It was a full size quilt, hand stitched and I was always wrapped up in that thing.

Grandma always had Orange Sherbert and pink peppermints.  But most of all, she always had a smile.  My grandmother looks the most like her out of all of her children and boy-oh-boy is she a lot like her.  They say you have to watch out for the quiet ones.  These women are no exception.  As elderly as they are/were there is nothing they would not do for their loved ones.  They both don smiles that are just infectious.  So many wonderful things were said today about my great-grandmother, but I also learned something.  She was a pistol.  She had a knack for being a joker, something that I never got to see.  She, at one point, sewed her son-in-laws sleeves shut so he’d discover it when he tried to put it on.

Most of all, today I heard confirmation of my own view of this fantastic woman.  She never – and I mean EVER – had a negative word to say about anyone.  She was a rare and fantastic creature… a true Christian woman.  Many may call themselves a Christian, but being “Christ-Like” is quite a charge and you’d better not use those words unless you’re willing to live up to them.  She was never idle and accepted everyone.

I’ve inherited the woman’s propensity for smiles and I am always cracking jokes and finding any reason at all to smile.  My family (and yes, it’s quite large) always like to gather around a table, eat and laugh.  The laughter is the best part of the meal.  We’re jokesters, a little nutty but most of all, you can feel the love.  We take in strays all the time and that’s the first thing they notice.

She is where she’s wanted to be for a long time.  Mother’s Day recently passed and while I didn’t do a Mother’s Day post, I did enjoy the day and remembered why I’m here.  If it weren’t for Ada Lee Crane, I wouldn’t be here.  She was a mother, a grandmother, great-grandmother and even a great-great grandmother and a phenomenal example for us all.

So I dedicate this post to the most fantastic women I’ve been blessed to know, and to be a decedent of.

As for Tara, she’s quite cozy with our 5 month old English Mastiff.  He’s given her new life and a reason to play out the rest of her days.


3 thoughts on “A Dedication

  1. What a wonderful tribute Kim. This reminds me of my Grandma West, who I remembered last week on my blog for Mother’s Day. We are so lucky to have had these women in our lives!

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