Coping with Chaos

I do enjoy a bit of chaos in stories.  It gets the blood pumping and keeps me turning the page.

I, however, have not enjoyed the chaos in my life.  I am a huge animal lover – and a lover of huge animals.  I have an American Bulldog female, who is now 5 glorious years old.  She’s exceptionally well behaved and affectionate.  Yes, she’s also very intimidating when she wants to be.  I also have a 4 month old English Mastiff.  He’s growing at an alarming rate and was the freak of his litter.

We just had a lump removed from our American Bulldog and await the results, but the vet said it is most likely cancer. =(  A day after bringing her home, I accidentally hurt my mastiff’s back leg.  He’s so big and had the front half of his body on me while I was on the recliner.  When I sat up, my foot hooked his and he screamed.  I thought I broke his leg.  Seems it’s just a sprain as he can put weight on it… but that combined with the growing pains, my poor baby is limping.

I also forgot to mention that during all of this I helped my girlfriend move… for the effin days.

In the meantime, I’ve found time to tinker with my cover art.  It’s not completed yet.  It’s just not exactly what I want, but what I have so far is a good start.


The title needs to stand out a bit more, and so does the knife.  I don’t know, I’m not a graphic artist, but I’m all I can afford so…



I am excited to release my 3rd book.  I’m also pleased to have more time to devote to writing/blogging/reading.

Welcome to my chaos.  What’s going on with my literary friends?


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