When Bullies Unite

I despise bullies.  As you saw in my last post, I adored MMA fighter Roger Huerta for stepping in and beating the crap out of a guy for sucker punching a woman in the face.  It was a douche bag thing to do and he had no idea what happened when Roger took charge.

I’m not a big woman by any stretch of the imagination, but I tend to lack a little bit in the fear department.  I’ve stepped in when I see a bully at work.  Generally, they back down,  especially when the word “bully” is verbalized.  Yes, you’re being a douche bag.  Pick on someone your own size.  It’s been awhile since I found myself in that position.  But I figure it this way, I may lose the fight, I may win, but one way or another, they’re going to know they were in a fight instead of just whopping on some defenseless person to make themselves feel good.

Well, bullies come in all forms.  It appears the Department of Justice has just stepped in to spank the Big 6 for doing just that.  You can read the suit here.  I read the lengthy complaint and my only criticism, is that I wish there were a charge for being an all around doucher.  These people sat around plotting on how to take out Amazon and damage YOU the CONSUMER.  By overcharging the consumer, they hurt the author, though they showed little concern for either party.  They literally had telephone calls and emails plotting on how to take out Amazon.  Reminds you of middle school, does it not?

I realize this post means I will never be signing  a book contract with one of the Big 6.  That’s okay, your deals pretty much suck.  I realize that I suck at marketing and that I may never be able to make a great living writing.  But I’m still a writer.  I’m a published writer.  I have great reviews on Amazon and Barnes & Noble from complete strangers, so I must not be writing shit (or at least really bad shit.)

Yep, my stuff needs a professional editor.  Yep, my cover art could be better.  Yep, you all have the ability to provide me with those things if I could pass through your gatekeepers and jump through hoops to maybe, just maybe get a deal.  Even then, there’s no guarantee of any marketing.

But I digress.

I just purchased and read THE GIRL WHO PLAYED WITH FIRE.  I’d love to read THE GIRL WHO KICKED THE HORNETS NEST also, but I’ve spent my last dime on a book published by one of the Big 6.  I’m already appalled to spend $10.69 (after tax) on an eBook.  There’s a lot less cost in “manufacturing” an eBook and it shouldn’t cost as much or more than print.  That’s just stupid.  Instead of showing us their intelligence, and changing with the times, they dug in and tried to bully Amazon.

Keep yourself up on your industry.  Learn what’s happening.  It’s important to know what is in the waters in which you swim.


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