Vigilante or Hero?

My first date with my husband was going to a UFC party to watch the fights.  I’d never been a fan of fights, and I must admit, this was the oddest first date I’d ever been on.  But he was bringing me into a house full of his friends, how could I say no? (Obviously, I’m not squeamish about meeting new people.)

After years of watching UFC, I developed a taste for the sport, and I also became a fan of some of the fighters.  I’m a huge Georges Rush St. Pierre fan.  I’m also a huge Roger Huerta fan.  The husband is even okay with the fact that Huerta is my celebrity crush.  So you can imagine my awe when I ran across a video of Huerta beating the shit out of a guy who sucker punched a girl.  GO ROGER!

But there has been much debate and a lot of quotes.  UFC President Dana White said that he was against street fighting, but said that any guy who sucker punched a woman deserved to get an ass whoopin’!  One fighter chastised Huerta and said he should have restrained the guy. (Boo)  That it wasn’t a fair fight.

I’m a woman who has been hit by a man.  It’s not a fair fight by any stretch of the imagination.  I think it’s justice that an unfair fight was pressed on the attacker.  He deserved to get his ass beat for laying hands on a woman.

But that’s my opinion.  What’s yours?


One thought on “Vigilante or Hero?

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