When one of your character emails you

Okay so March has been a crazy crazy month.  Today, while going through Spam comments on my page, I saw a message from… Kat Trueblood.

For those of you that haven’t noticed, Kat Trueblood is the name of my MC in Taking Control.

The real life Kat Trueblood contacted me as to why I used her name in my book.  *Insert Awkward Moment Here*

I live in Northwest Indiana.  The real Kat Trueblood is from Colorado and now lives in Santa Cruz, CA and is a Yoga Instructor.  Very Zen and completely opposite my main character who is anything but zen.  For those writers out there, we know that our MCs cannot live a zen life.  There is no conflict, nothing to drive the story.  As any agent will tell you – conflict is what drives the story.

Great novels center themselves around conflict.

Imagine my surprise when I looked at my messages to see a comment from: Kat Trueblood.

Right now, I’m in a Twilight Zone State of Mind.  It feels a bit surreal.  The logical side of my brain tells me that, of course there’s a Kat Trueblood.  When you think about the population of the Earth, you’re bound to come up with a name that already exists.  Heaven forbid if her last name was Smith!

The surreal part was seeing a notification from the M.C. of my novel – especially when I’m knee deep in the middle of the sequel.  I’ve had numerous dreams where my characters come and speak to me, unhappy about a spot in my novel.  They don’t like their conflict, they feel left out, they feel abandoned or misrepresented… it just happens to me.  But to be awake, fully functional and see a message from your M.C.  My heart skipped, just a few beats.

I’m no chump.  I thought this was one of my friends screwing with me (because I like people with a sick, twisted sense of humor,) so I clicked on the ISP and followed through to the site.  This is a real woman, whose name is Kat Trueblood.  I included a link above, because even if she doesn’t like the Taking Control version of Kat Trueblood (and I don’t – woman is a hard core bitch), she bares the same name, so why not pimp her out?

So, it’s an odd moment for this writer.  Any odd moments for you?

As a side note, I’ve always wondered if Joe Konrath has ever gotten an email regarding his M.C. Jacq Daniels.


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