Road Block

I had the best of intentions to continue blogging and writing.  I started doing author interviews even to promote others.

But then I hit a wall.  My project stopped at about 20k words and I haven’t posted in over a week. Ugh.  New puppy, constant interruptions and lack of ability to concentrate have left me . . . frustrated to say the least.

The nicer weather has given me excuses to be outdoors and I love to be outdoors.

I’m trying to figure out how to let my family know to leave me the hell alone when I’m writing.  Just because I am physically here, doesn’t mean you can come ask me to do this or that for you.  I’m trying to concentrate for Christ sake.  The non-stop interruptions have affected my writing, not just the amount of writing, but re-reading what I’ve written is showing me that this story is a bit disjointed.  It isn’t flowing as well as some of my other work because of the lack of ability to concentrate.  Now I know how my A.D.H.D. son feels.  He has my empathy.

So, like Roxanne, I may put up a red light to alert others that talking to me may cause bodily harm.  Affecting my passion could be deadly.  Okay, not deadly, because I love them, but still.

What do you do – those of you who live with others and spawn – to make your family aware that your craft needs your undivided?


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