When Twits Attack

I have never, not once bitched about the idiots I run across on Twitter.  I spend my time on Twitter trying to develop relationships and gently informing people that I have books out there.

I refrain from making political or religious statements because, let’s face it, some people will get pissed no matter what side of the coin you’re on.  However, Whitney Houston died and there were countless tweets about how shocked everyone was.  Instead of explaining further, let me just show you what I said and a response I received.

Now, my feelings aren’t hurt here.  It’s one follower who, incidentally, has a very small outreach.  But really?  Whitney Houston’s death is sad.  Nearly all deaths are sad and her’s isn’t more sad because she’s a millionaire who chose to use her money to snort, pop, drink and smoke.  I’m never shocked when a celebrity dies.  I wasn’t shocked when Amy Winehouse died either.  The poor thing was in the news all the time and even had a hit song about NOT GOING INTO REHAB.  C’mon people.  It’s common sense.  I loved Whitney’s voice as I did Amy’s.  These women threw away their talent and future for drugs and alcohol.  I’m sad they’re gone, but honestly, they did it to themselves.

It’s common knowledge that drugs can kill you.  You don’t STILL have to be smoking crack, snorting coke or shooting up for it to kill you.  These drugs are so hard on the internal organs that you can’t expect your body to repair the damage.

I just read that Whitney drowned in her bathtub and was taking Xanax.  I also take Xanax.  I take a very low dose, as needed for  a stress induced rash I get occasionally.  They put a sticker on the side of the bottle of my LOW DOSE Xanax warning not to mix with alcohol and that it may cause drowsiness. DUH.

We lose celebs every single year, mostly to drugs or suicide.  It’s not a shock, I repeat, not a shock.

I was shocked only when Andy Whitfield died suddenly from lymphoma.  Because he and his family were very private about it and he was the epitome of a healthy (looking) body.

I still don’t think my tweet was bad.  I still have the same question.  Why are people shocked that a drug addict died?  I simply don’t get it.  She admitted to her drug abuse. It was a fact, not me name calling.

Tell me what you think.  I’m dying to know.


2 thoughts on “When Twits Attack

  1. There is a lot of truth to this. I guess that people will object to it because Whitney meant so much. I know she means a lot to me. I listened to her all the time, and was so incredibly moved by her music. Her song, “I Look To You” actually brings tears to my eyes, and I can’t help but feel stunned that her voice has been forever silenced. For me, the world is less shiny now that she is no longer in it.

  2. There is a lot of music that touches me. But, I guess when a musician I like dies, I’m sad they’re gone, but not really surprised by it… She was beautiful, her music and voice was beautiful and yes, it’s very sad.

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