Power of Words


Words move you.  Lyrics in a song bring about emotional responses.  Poems are a reflection of  emotion.  Verbal abuse causes scars that last a life time.  That…is…power.

Never under estimate the power of you words, verbal or written.  Words, the order we put them in, the inflection we use all have power.

I never really paid attention to how very powerful language is.  I never really cared.  But then I started to write, and heal from the verbal abuse I suffered at the hands of a tyrant.  My books had nothing to do with my abuse, or my survival.  They are/were an escape.  Well, they were for me, and I hope they are for others.

Then I started paying closer attention.  I paid attention to how I reacted to what I read, heard and such.  Then the realization hit me as to what we all have the capability of. (yep I ended in a preposition – shoot me.)  I paid attention to the lyrics of songs that made me happy, sad, angry… the music works in unison, of course.  But ultimately, it’s what the words in the songs had to say.

To my fellow writers, wield your sword with care.  YOU have the ability to move others as others have moved you.  I’m now concentrating more on how the words I write emote the reader.  It isn’t just about entertaining the reader, you must captivate them.  Grab them by the balls and don’t let go.  Make your reader laugh.  Make them cry.  Make them want to kill your protagonist.  Evoke rage, elation, sadness.  Do it, do it well and do it often.

My evil plan is working.



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