I can hardly contain my excitement at the moment, though it’s odd.  I hate movies anymore, seems like every movie trailer is for bullshit terrifying movies.  During Christmas time, we struggled to find holiday themed movies but there was enough scary shit on TV to keep you busy for days.  What the hell is wrong with hollywood anyway?

I digress… it’s been quite awhile since I’ve enjoyed the movie scene.  I was taken by surprise by COLUMBIANA, which was an excellent movie.

But I’ve been counting down to the release of two movies.

I’ve been anticipating the next in the Underworld series where Kate Beckinsale plays a hot, bad ass Death Dealer (killer of the Lycans.)  Underworld Awakenings is now in theaters!  I’m going as soon as I can talk the spouse into taking me.

Also contributing to my excitement is the movie HAYWIRE, where Gina Carano (MMA Godess) plays an black ops soldier who is out for revenge!  I hold my breath every time I see the trailer and I can’t wait to go see it!

My girlfriend went and saw THE GIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATTOO.  She went on and on about it and now I also have to go see that.

So while I hate going to the theaters where you’re overcharged for snacks, I can’t wait to go and there are THREE movies I can’t wait to see.


4 thoughts on “Giddy

  1. The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo was an amazing film. Since I loved the book and original film I was really worried about the American version, my doubts were completely unjustified however. Enjoy!

  2. I completely agree with bibliopirate – I tend to be very cautious about seeing English language remakes (particularly when the original is so popular), but this one’s worth seeing on its own merit. Personally I think that Rooney Mara’s Lisbeth is just as good as Noomi Rapace’s, and that has to be a major achievement! I hope you like it.

    Please forgive this shameless self promotion, but there’s a review hovering around on my blog if you were interested.

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