Self-pubbed author makes $100k in 3 weeks!

So with the release of IMMORTAL DECISION, it’s on to my next book.  I actually outlined this time, something I don’t normally do.  To be quite frank, I’m not certain that I’ll even follow it.  I’m sort of a pantster that way.  I have a few pages done so far, and ready to plug away.

User Agreements with the publishers prevent me from giving details about sales on each site.  So far, my Barnes & Noble Nook sales have far surpassed my Amazon Kindle sales, but other authors are experiencing fluctuations.  I’ve only sold a few paperbacks, though people seem to complain when it isn’t available in print… if this doesn’t change, I may stop messing with it (print.)  But so far, here is what I can tell you.

I’ve sold about 40 books total, given away 7 for promotional reasons and grossed about $70.  The upgrade for CreateSpace (print) was about $39, and I’ve spent about $20 ordering proofs.  So as you can see, as a new author, there’s not a lot of money to be made.  You really have to get books written and published as well as a lot of promotion.  I post this after reading Joe Konrath’s blog where he’s made $100k in three weeks on Amazon.

It is entirely possible to earn money self-publishing, however, if you read Joe’s blog, you’ll note that he has put a lot of years and a lot of work into this career.  It’s not for the tender-hearted.  And you can’t publish shit.

Most of my critique partners have all disappeared.  Every time I write a book (and I’ve published 3 now and written 5,) I have to find new critique partners, brainstorm and create cover art and back cover/description.  First you have to come up with the idea, write it, edit it, send it out for critiques, edit again, send out for Beta Readers etc.  This all takes a lot of time.

But let me tell you, earning $100,000 in less than a month is a dream worth chasing.  I enjoy writing immensely and others seem to enjoy reading what I write.  I have very good ratings on both Amazon and Barnes & Noble.  But I’m not foolish or naive and the authors that are making the bank will tell you, this doesn’t happen over night.  I have a home to maintain, a family and I’ll be starting a part-time job soon.

Eventually, my income from my books will rise and I am in this thing for the long-haul.  The writing community is vast and wildly supportive of one another.  I am proud to be part of it.


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