Super-sizing it in the Mullican House

There is a lot going on in the Mullican house these days, among them is the anticipated arrival of this little guy.

which will look somewhat like this bad boy in about 3 years.

Not a pic of the actual dog or me - just a joke I saw online. This is what our new boy will look like though.

We like to super-size it around here.  That thought occurred to me as I went to dinner tonight with my husband and son.  I always love watching reactions when we walk in somewhere.  My husband and son are both now about 6′ 7″ and I’m about 5′ 4″.  So as you can imagine, we look like quite the circus act.

My favorite reactions are of women, who look at my son (who technically is my step-son) and wonder how damaged I am “down there.”  I could not have birthed a ten and a half pound baby.  It would have broken me in half.  Which is exactly what older women are thinking when they look at us.  Thankfully, my largest child was only 7 lbs and I made it out without any damage.

Anyway… the jokes get a bit more vulgar when my husband and I are in a bar, of course, with liquid courage aiding the patrons on making statements about our size difference.  We take it in stride and laugh with people.  Neither one of us (thankfully) enjoy hanging out in bars anymore, but the hubs is the lead singer in a rock band so we find ourselves in that situation more often than we’d care to admit.

We were both blessed with thick skin and a healthy sense of humor.  But as you can see, from our choice in dogs (as we already have a 95lb American Bulldog a/k/a couch potato) we do like to super-size it in the Mullican House.  I love big dogs – hell, I married one!

As a side note, my Amazon Author Page is up and running and I’m happy to share:


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