When Prissy just won’t do.

I am anything but prissy.  My husband lovingly calls me Kim Vila due to my large selection of tools, having completely renovated three homes an have done more automotive repair than my husband and most of his friends combined.  I grew up on a farm, a latch-key kid and my father was very insistant that I learn to take care of myself. (Thank you, Dad.)

The husband also tells his friends that the only thing I’m missing is a penis – but if I had one, he wouldn’t be with me anyway.  It’s times like those I remember (and take a peek if you want to giggle,) The Reason I Do Not Write Romance.

However, several things happened simultaneously and Ms. Vila couldn’t deal.  While doing the dishes, the handle for the hot water blew off.  I mean that sucker really shot off!  With 45 PSI behind it, it took me awhile to find it – but that was only after scrambling to get under the sink to shut the water off to rid my home of the 135 degree hot water geyser.  When I reached back to twist the shut off vavle… I got a surprise.

That’s right.  I was electrocuted.  Apparently, water sprayed into an outlet close to the sink and it is grounded to the cold water pipe – a common practice.  So, when I grabbed the handle, I completed the circuit.  Ouch.

Needless to say, my kids were a bit freaked.

A few days before that, the handle on the front door broke, locking us in.

My house is far from falling apart, but a few things went wrong all around the same time.  My wonderful husband paid his friend (a master carpenter) to come in and install a new front door and faucet.  I love my new front door.  I love my new faucet.  More importantly, I love that I didn’t have to use one tool or acquire one splinter, since I’d already paid the price of accepting a little jolt.

So with the new door and new faucet in place, I can now get back to editing.  The plan is to release my next book, IMMORTAL DECISION, by Christmas… but there is a lot of work to do.  I’m pretty much working from the time I wake up until the time I got to sleep… Welcome to the life of a writer!

What about you?  Any projects you’re working on?  Any new releases?  Do tell!

Incidentally, if you’re in the Northwest Indiana area and need home repair work completed – I TOTALLY recommend Wentland Construction.


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