Since 2006 I’ve been reading, researching and following publishing after making the huge mistake of publishing via vanity press.  I decided to educate myself and in doing so, I’ve learned oodles.  Things have also changed since then and have been changing rapidly since.  Following other bloggers, authors mostly, I find I skip over articles about writing.  Too much of a good things is bad.

HOWEVER!!!  Bob Mayer’s post about What to Write is phenomenal and I wanted to share.  I urge all my writerly friends to pop on over to Bob’s post to learn a thing or two.  The post has some of the best writing advice I’ve seen in awhile.

Along the lines of writing, a friend of mine E.J. Wesley summed up what he’s learned about ePublishing.  If you take 3 minutes to read his article, you can save yourself a ton of research if your new to the biz.  There isn’t anything I disagree with here and E.J. is a great writer to follow.

Since I’m on the topic of writers and authors, Katie Salidas has a bit of a rant on her page about writers.  You can see her point of frustration, and it is something that I equally find annoying.  She echoes some of Kristen Lamb’s advice.  I share in the frustration in receiving DMs on Twitter from authors begging me to read their books.  It gets old.

She continues on with a post directed to the Self-Publishing community.  This has a bit of a harsher tone, but with a great moral to the story.  Just because we stand alone and publish our work on our own does not mean we are a singularity.  We are a writing community and self-publishers need to take responsibility.  If you’re out there publishing first-draft garbage, your clogging the pool.  Readers will start to grow weary of self-pubbed work because they’ve had to sift through too much garbage… and there is a lot of garbage out there already.

So writers, beware.  Take responsibility for yourself and your work.  Remember, you are part of a community and as such, what you do reflects on us all.


5 thoughts on “Altruism

  1. The snow on your blog makes me feel cold.

    Thanks for the links. I read the rant on authors/writers using social networks to just plug their stuff. She’s totally right on that and it’s kind of irritating.

    Also I agree with the NYT bestselling author on write what you know or at least what is captivating your imagination at the time. It’ll turn out better if you have a massive interest in it for sure.

  2. Crap. I totally forgot to send you that link I promised the other day. Sorry. I’ll have to go back and read those other stories a bit later. I’m always on the hunt for good advice… I’ll still ignore it probably, but I’ll at least know what I did wrong.

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