The aftermath of turkey & nano

Since rising from my food coma, thanks to the gluttony that is Thanksgiving, I’ve discovered that I may need to install a backup beeper on my ass.  What is it about the holidays that make us want to eat until we puke, nap and do it all over again?  Ugh.

As you may know, this was my first year participating in NaNoWriMo.  I have mixed feelings as to whether or not I will participate again.  Why?  Let me lay it out cleanly for you.

Positive side of participating in NaNo

  1. The time frame allotted made me sit down and write whether I felt like it or not.
  2. Because I felt the pressure, I finished in 15 days.
  3. It taught me that I can write a novel in less than a month.
I got this nifty badge for my blog and a certificate.  *Throws Confetti*

Negative side of participating in NaNo

  1. I wrote over 50k words in 15 days.  It was rushed, and that is painfully obvious as I proceed.
  2. There is more editing to do.
  3. Following the rules like a good little participator, I didn’t edit along the way.
  4. There is a lot more editing to do.
  5. I did a lot of telling rather than showing, because of said time crunch.
  6. There is a ton more editing to do.

You get the point.  NaNo was a good experience because I learned something about myself AND I got the words down.  There is a lot of “editing” to do – rather making sure I have a novel and not a story a sixth grader could have written.  I learned that I can sit down and dedicate time to writing.  I learned that I can crank out a story in a short amount of time.  However, I think that had I been able to spend more time with my project during the writing process, there would be less work to do now.

Nano showed me that I have the self-discipline it takes to get the job done.  But unless I need the motivation, I can’t see going a 2nd round with NaNo.  I would rather write a cleaner first draft.

What did you think about your NaNo experience?


4 thoughts on “The aftermath of turkey & nano

  1. Laughing so hard – the back-up-beeper-for-your-ass thing has me rolling!!

    Congrats on finishing NaNo, and good luck with your editing!

    Maybe you should give next year a go – if you finished in half the time this time, maybe if you forced yourself to slow down and took the full 30 days, you’d be happier with whatchya have at the end? At any rate, I think it’s awesome you finished, editing required or no!

    Gotta go! *beep, beep* (that’s my ass as I try to back out of here)

  2. Some folks think of their nano novel as an extended rough draft. I’m like you in that I like a stronger first draft, but I usually do nano every year now out of loyalty. They did, after all, give me my first novel way back when.

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