Rocking out November!

So far the month of November has been filled with Awesomesauce!  I quit my job on November 3, after encouragement from my other half.  He’s covering the bills while I write.  We know, authors don’t get rich over night (if ever) but while he is making good money, he offered this wonderful opportunity to me.

So what have I done since November 3rd?  I wrote a novel and finished it on the 18th.  That’s right – 15 days and I wrote draft #1 of a novel.  I have novel #2 sitting there to spice up and last night, I began another.  By began, I mean I wrote two paragraphs that were buzzing around in my brain.  Draft #1 needs going through.  I cannot call this editing because it’s not really editing.  To me, editing is doing a line-by-line.  Hey, if Hemingway can say that the first draft of anything is shit, then I reserve the right to play with my shit until it resembles a rough sculpture.

Okay, that was gross.  Moving on. . .

Now writers, please do not tell your boss to stick it up his ass and stomp out of your miserable job.  You will starve!  I have someone supporting me while I bring in peanuts right now.  I am making money off TAKING CONTROL, but it’s not enough to pay the utility bill yet.  I have a car payment, a credit card and expenses that someone else is taking care of for me.  It should be pointed out that we already live very frugally.

Alas, I have faith.  My husband also has faith.  He does not like to read.  When he realized that he couldn’t put TAKING CONTROL down until it was finished, his eyes lit up.  After all – that – not money, is a writer’s goal.  Sales are not a mark of a good or great writer, just a successful one.

I’m most certain that there are editing blunders in TAKING CONTROL, because I can’t afford an editor.  So I make sure I get a lot of educated eyes on my work before I publish.  I do the best I can, and hope the reader enjoys the story.  I read, I research and I write.

In the spirit of Thanksgiving – I’m thankful I have this opportunity.  I’m showing how thankful I am by utilizing my time in the best way I can.

Fellow writers – how are your writing projects going?  Anything exciting on the horizon?


9 thoughts on “Rocking out November!

  1. Kim –

    You are very fortunate to have the flexibilty to write full-time. And the fact that you have a supportive spouse who is willing to help you to achieve your passion is a definite plus!

    As a writer and a professional musician, I know all too well the constant challenges that are present when pursuing a dream, but I have been fortunate to have had the best of all worlds…writing, performing, and being gainfully employed. This has enabled me to earn a respectable living while allowing my ‘artistic’ side to flourish.

    Good luck with your books…it looks like you are off to a wonderful start!


    • Thanks Kevin. In this day in age, I wonder if gainfully employed has become an oxymoron???

      I do realize how fortunate I am. Since I’m not sure how long the write-at-home thing will last “financially” I’m eating up every minute!

      Good Luck!

  2. You have an awesome husband, if he is letting you stay home and write. I suppose that’s not a good reason to get married, though. 😉

    I knocked out novel one in 15 days too. Now if novel two would work out better, but I’m behind schedule.

  3. I’m plugging away on my epic fantasy novel. I’m thinking this will be pretty long. 120k maybe – that’s long for me anyway. It will need much in the way of molding and sculpting before I can start editing. It’ll be february at the soonest before I start having others look at it.

    Unless I can talk my wife into letting me quit my job.

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