Human again!

Today is my second day off my post-op medication.  While I’m still a bit stiff and sore, I’m feeling more human than I have since going under the knife.  Some pretty cool things have happened while I was doped up.

I opened up my Twitter to see a DM from Tawna Fenske wishing me well and letting me know that I’ve won her Kissing Contest.  I’m so excited to have an autographed copy of MAKING WAVES coming my way.  I had already purchased Tawna’s book, but I’m gifting that one to someone I know and love that really needs a good laugh.

Indie Kindle has been pushing my book on Twitter, which is super cool.

Books have been selling while I’ve been out of it – despite my lack of marketing efforts in the last week.  Not tons of books, mind you, but a few did sell.  YAY!

I also discovered that I need to quit talking about drinking so much – as my Klout subjects include, among other things, vodka.  Yikes!

So, while on the road to recovery, ready to get back to work and start writing my next book, I am getting back to things.  I’m reviewing and analyzing my blog posts, marketing efforts and plotting my next adventure.

Until next time –



4 thoughts on “Human again!

  1. Sounds like you’ve at least got a plan. I can’t seem to plan out anything in my life more than 10 minutes in the future. I’m like that girl in 50 First Dates, except instead of forgetting what happened the day before, I can’t plan more than 10 minutes in advance. I should get some sort of protected status for that.

    Hope you have a quick recovery

    • Planning is and has always been a challenge. I’m rarely successful and almost always have to just sneak stuff in when I find the time. Don’t feel bad – it happens – especially with a family!

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