Manic Monday – Paranormal Happenings

In my house, we were nay sayers.  There are no such thing as ghosts.  Then again… I grew up and learned the truth.

I’ve written in other posts about my paranormal beginnings.  But things have continued into my adulthood.  Just this past week, the spouse and I both had separate experiences.  Since I had to work, I had gone to bed early.  He decided to go visit a buddy.  Nothing creepy there.  I was exhausted and easily fell into a deep sleep.

At some point during the night, I felt him crawl into bed, trying to be careful not to wake me.  Only when I rolled over (in my usual heat-seeking mode) I found an empty side of the bed that was ice cold.  I almost wet myself.  Immediately I jumped from bed and ran to the bathroom.  My husband wasn’t even home!

A few hours later, while I was back in bed asleep, my husband was dutifully doing the dishes in the kitchen and saw me walk into the living room.  He went into the living room to see why I was up at the late hour, only to find that not only was I not in the living room, I was on the opposite side of the house snoring away in bed.  He said he had goosebumps all over his body.

We often have these strange occurrences in our home and have done the best we can to ignore them.  But it is what it is… and sometimes, it scares the hell out of you.

We really try not to make a big deal out of things so that the kids don’t get completely freaked, but it’s hard to explain to my 10 year old why he sees stuff out the corner of his eye and odd noises at night.

Do you see stuff at night?  How do you react?

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8 thoughts on “Manic Monday – Paranormal Happenings

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