Master of My own Domain

This has been hell week for me.  We had a “big sale” at the day job.  For me that means, no days off, 12-hour days all on my feet on asphalt.  We can’t wear anything but dress shoes, which offer no support.  I am beat!  My sales are down because I’ve had issues with my health and with my manager.  And the fact that my sales are down mean my job is in jeopardy.  I meet with a surgeon on October 3rd to schedule my gallbladder removal.  YAY!

But when talking with a friend the other day, I gave some really great advice.  Advice I intend to follow.  My friend felt like they had no control, like things were just happening to them.  I jokingly said they’d make a horrible protagonist.  Then I told them, “Don’t forget, you are master of your own domain.  You have the ultimate control over your own life.  Look at all the positive things you have going on.”  I listed every positive thing I could think of.

So I am taking a stand.  I am Master of My Own Domain (and I don’t mean website.)  Here’s all the good stuff going on in my life.

  • I have two five star reviews on Amazon.
  • I’ve been invited by local radio station WEFM to sit and chat with them about my book.  Squeee
  • My book is now available on eReader and paperback.
  • I have one great book review so far.
  • I have done two author interviews and just found a request for another in my inbox.
  • I’m already selling books.
  • I have beautiful and healthy children.
  • If love paid the bills, I’d be living in a mansion.  I’m surrounded by love – EVERYDAY.
There is a lot more.  If we all look, we can find positive influences.  There are plenty of positive things if we just dig down deep past the crap and find them.  Life is hard and that’s why we love good books and good movie.  We can escape the harshness of reality and go deep into another world.

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