Patience is a virtue

…and I don’t have it!

The proof for my book was due to be delivered today…and it didn’t show.  I waited with eager anticipation and it never showed.  It felt like waiting for the guy to call after the first date – bastard!

In the meantime, I checked out my Klout.  While I find myself slightly annoyed that Klout is misspelled in an effort to be cheeky, I understand the need to stand out.  Back to the point, it appears I may be mentioning Kristen Lamb a bit much as one of the topics I’m “influential” in is:  lambs.  I do adore Kristen and she is a Lamb… I know nothing else about lambs!  If you are a writer, and you’re unaware of this wonderful lady, you need her wisdom.  I consider her my guru.  She is a social media genius.  And for only $4.99, you too can have all the wisdom about social media too!  Enough already – I know nothing about lambs 😉  (She was very gracious as I mentioned this to her via tweet.)

But it struck me, thank God I don’t write erotica!  I could imagine how I could have worse topics than ‘lambs.’

So what about you?  Tell me, what are you impatient about? (Yes, I ended with a preposition – shoot me!)  What’s Klout say you’re influential in?  I can only imagine what poor Tawna Fenske, romantic comedy author, has on her Klout!

Please – do share!


Amuse me

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