Are you good when you’re bad?


Captain Jack Sparrow… oh yum.  But why do we love this role of Johnny Depp?  He’s got a few silver caps, dreds and he’s a drunk.  Let’s not forget, he’s also wearing eye liner.  If I guy walked up to me in a bar wearing eyeliner, I may just piss myself laughing.  But I would have ditched Will in a New York Second for Jack.

If you haven’t gathered what I’m talking about, I am referring to Pirates of the Caribbean.

I’ve had this discussion with numerous women and we have all come to the same conclusion.  So why is it that Jack is so damned sexy?   He’s an alcoholic womanizing thief!  But we love to love our bad boys.  All throughout literature and theater…we get panties in a twist for bad boys.

For writers, you have to be careful to give your bad boy something endearing.  He has to have something that makes us crave him other that devastating good looks.  Now let’s face it ladies, we love men that makes us laugh, that make us feel sexy.  Now don’t get me wrong, every girl has those things she loves — her type.  I typically don’t like skinny guys.  And…I love manly men.  Clean and neat, but not metro in any way.  I love a big strong guy with strong hands, big shoulders and strong features.  My best friend, however, loves her husband, a very small thin guy and she finds him sexy.  This wide diversity is what makes writing a sexy male role challenging, especially if he’s a bad boy… and then you have to decide how bad he is.

Tell me… what’s your take on bad boys?  What do you find attractive in a guy?  Or guys, what’s super sexy about women?  Do you like bad girls and what is it about them that drives you wild?



6 thoughts on “Are you good when you’re bad?

  1. Ah the age old question. I think the appeal of “bad boys”, whether a character or in real life, comes from their one redeeming quality which only appears so intense because everything else about them is…not redeeming. We think that one mysteriously wonderful thing about them is somehow unlike any other quality is any other person. It’s delusional. Also, bad boys have confidence…which I like 🙂

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