The characters we love!

Well, Windows Live Mail absolutely crashed (directly after a Microsoft update – I smell a conspiracy!) and after spending three days trying to uninstall/re-install I said uncle.  Now I have no email program, which has me out of sorts.  I have no idea how to fix the issue and all their stupid web forums aren’t very helpful.  So… that being said, anyone know of any (preferably free) email programs I can download?  The new laptop didn’t come with Outlook Express and I’m too damned stubborn to purchase a copy.

On to the topic for today:  Vampires!

One common character in Paranormal Romance or Urban Fantasy is the vampire.  The vampire is very versatile and that may be writer’s affinity for them.  You can go sparkly as in the Twilight variety or as sinister as Brahm Stroker’s Dracula.

I think the reason vamps appeal to so many women is because they are the bad boy of the paranormal world.  You can have sex driven hunks as in the Sookie Stackhaus Series (currently HBOs series TRUEBLOOD.)  These vamps can be sinister, but drinking their blood makes you fantasize about them.  How titillating is that?

We do love our good bad boys.  Even strong and independent women want to ‘clutch the pearls’ and play damsel in distress so that the likes of Eric Northman can come to our rescue.  Which can only be followed by mind blowing sex, of course.

Then, for whatever reason, we enjoy their evil, blood thirsty side as well.  Go figure.

While I’m not particularly fond of the sparkly variety, I must admit that the vampire beckons me.  They’re smart, cunning and very mysterious.  At least they can be all those things. Who knows how much vampirism the market will tolerate.  Until there are no more vamp stories, I will continue to be sucked (pun intended) into their world.

What’s your favorite paranormal character?  What draws you to them?



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