Paranormal Beginnings

Every writer starts writing about what they know.  That may seem a bit odd a concept for those who write urban fantasy or paranormal romance.  At the risk of sounding like a nutter, my personal experiences started my interest in the paranormal.

I had my first “experience” at only 9 years old when my parents decided to move from our family farm.  They rented a small house at a nearby town.  Even while moving into the house, I felt uncomfortable.  My parents told me it was just because it was a new house.  They also told me that there were no such things as ghosts.  Boy, were they wrong.

The bathroom was next to the closet that ran under the stairs.  I was always scared to go by that closet door.  Terrified was more of a word.  I would stand at the end of the hall and do the “potty dance” while trying to prepare myself to run.  I would take off at a dead run and attempt to grab the door knob and slam it closed behind me.  This caused my mother to yell at me every time about slamming the doors.  I couldn’t help it… the hall was dark, there was no light to turn on and I felt as if I would leap out of my skin if I got anywhere near that door.

To make matters worse, there was a tiny door next to the toilet in my parent’s bathroom.  Now that I’m older and wiser, I’m certain it was for access to plumbing or whatever, but I got into big trouble when I put a lock on it so the monsters couldn’t get out the door to get me.   The door popped open more than once while I was on the toilet.  Mom got mad about cleaning up pee because I would run screaming out of the house while trying to pull up my drawers.  I’m sure my parents thought I was losing my mind.

I had a waterbed at the time, and I always had it turned up to the hottest setting as it was winter and the old house was drafty.   One night I woke up with my face so cold it hurt and my clothes were swinging in the closet.  I screamed bloody murder and when my mother walked in, she yelled at me for having the window open, until she realized it was closed (and there was plastic on the window.)  Then she noticed the clothes swinging.  Nope I wasn’t crazy, that house was haunted.

The straw broke the camel’s back when the house started buzzing.  I’m not talking about anything normal like wiring.  We heard humming and we heard it in all the walls.  It was eerie and even creeped out my parents.  Thankfully, we moved within a matter of days.  That scary house is in my past, but certainly not the last scary house I would visit.

I drove by that house last year and it was gone.  When I spoke with the landlord she said that they had too many troubles with the house.  Tenants would move without warning and quite suddenly.  So, they sold the house to someone who tore it down and built a new one… that house now has a for sale sign in the front.  The owners apparently have abandoned it and are renting an apartment until the house sells.

This is where my interest in the paranormal started and it certainly hasn’t ended there.  So what about you?  Have you had any crazy experiences?


5 thoughts on “Paranormal Beginnings

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